Thursday, September 15, 2016

This Woman's Worth (c) by Sunshine

This Woman's Worth

When you hear people say, A Woman's Worth,"
What do you think about?
I see a woman of virtue
Whose beauty shines inside and out.

It doesn't matter how she looks
Or if she's big or small, 
The only thing that matters is her character
Her good, her bad, her all.

A woman worthy of being one
Is never hard to find.
And if you get one, treat her right,
For she's worth more than a gold mine.

If you ever, ever mistreat her, 
There's an enormous price to pay.
For her price is far above rubies
And that's what the Bible say.

A woman's worth is precious
And oh so very dear,
Be careful not to make her cry,
'Cause God counts every tear.

So now you know my secret
That I was blessed with from birth,
The thing that makes me a phenomenal woman
And it's called "A Woman's Worth!"

 *GLOW Women's Group is a loving attempt to build bridges, hold hard conversations, and demand that love wins - Every Single Time. Each conversation is a plank in the bridge, edging closer to justice, one board at a time. Join us in the connecting.

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