Thursday, September 15, 2016

GLOW: A Women's Group

GLOW = God's Love Overflowing Within
Tuesday Morning Women's Group

We are GLOW.

We gather every Tuesday morning and offer safe space, hugs, laughter, and sharing.
Those are the rules.

We read from Jesus Calling, share the corresponding scriptures, then check in. The last 10 minutes we pass around essential oils, breathe into mindfulness, then close in prayer.

There is no shouting, yelling or cursing. I wish I could say there is no interrupting, but we ARE a group of women and sometimes we get excited and talk over each other, in the name of love of course.

We hold each other up all week, through thoughts and prayers, through lunch dates, through flurries of text messages, through Facebook messages.
It is essential and wonderful and important - just like the women.

That is who we are. We are GLOW.


 *GLOW Women's Group is a loving attempt to build bridges, hold hard conversations, and demand that love wins - Every Single Time. Each conversation is a plank in the bridge, edging closer to justice, one board at a time. Join us in the connecting.

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