Saturday, September 17, 2016

Adam Burns, Beer Patrol

You people need to meet and know Adam Burns.

He works at Reconciler in many capacities. 
His compassion is strong, his loyalty, fierce. 
He would choose no where else to be on weekday mornings. 
His vocabulary far exceeds yours, if you are thinking Urban Dictionary. 
You have much to learn from him.

When life is at an All Time Low, and maybe even levels out in the Low, our tendency is to "numb it out." Any and all economic classes do that.  Adam brings reminders to those feeling Low
He reminds, he sits, he listens, he translates, he connects, he gets fed up, he goes back, he encourages, he reminds and then reminds again: 
God is LOVE. Don't drink beer in church. You don't have to be numb. I will sit with you as you learn to feel. Choose hope. 

Listen to Adam, people.

*All of these words are my impressions of Adam's behavior and did not come from him. These words are a flimsy representation of the quality of his work.

* *GLOW Women's Group is a loving attempt to build bridges, hold hard conversations, and demand that love wins - Every Single Time. Each conversation is a plank in the bridge, edging closer to justice, one board at a time. Join us in the connecting.

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