Wednesday, November 2, 2016


When Grapes enters, her laughter fills the whole room.

She is a strong woman, a mom of 7, grandmom to 23, and great-grandmom to 1. She has been clean 11 years and loves to eat fresh grapes.

Currently raising three of her grandchildren, she admits it's not something she wants to do at this phase in her life, but something she got to do. She grieves over the death of her son, despairs at the addiction of a daughter, confessing, "It makes me angry with God. I laugh and giggle on the outside, but on the inside I am suffering."

In any given conversation, she swings from deep laughter - you can see her molars as she throws her head back - to weeping with the tears pooling at her chest. She is a strong woman who allows herself to feel, to grieve, to suffer.

She loves Auburn football, the music of Anthony Brown (especially "Worth"), Law & Order (the original, SVU, and Criminal Intent). Grapes thinks that the entire state of Alabama needs a spiritual makeover...especially around issues of race.

If she had a whole day to herself, with money as no obstacle, first she would go shopping at the thrift store...then she would go to the beach. After relaxing on the beach, she would go back to her hotel room and shut the door and watch as much Law & Order as she wanted.

When Grapes was telling me this, I had to hold back from saying ME TOO ME TOO - this was her day, not mine...but I would do that too.

This Group shortens bridges even in what we wish for on a special day.
Our insides are so alike...

 *GLOW Women's Group is a loving attempt to build bridges, hold hard conversations, and demand that love wins - Every Single Time. Each conversation is a plank in the bridge, edging closer to justice, one board at a time. Join us in the connecting.

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